MacTribe Summer Audio Spotlight!

By Alanna Kahn,, April 2013

Getting Your Audio Groove On


The first question you need to ask when you ponder upgrading your desktop speaker situation is, "how far will I go for great sound?" and your answer is likely to be mixed. You can easily dither here and there with options from Altec and JBL that will certainly get a nice sound but you may still be left wondering, "how good can my Apple audio get?" That will lead you to an audiophile level set of powered speakers called the Transparent One from Vanatoo. The high quality of audio that is packed into this well designed and fairly compact (10" high x 6.5" wide) package is stunning and delivers nice clarity on the high end and respectable power on bass-worthy lows.

With the thumping built-in subwoofer and powerful amplifier throwing out 60 watts per channel you will be ready to convert your desktop into a full throttle audio extravaganza. There are some nice design features here too, like the volume, bass and treble controls that let you tweak the sound to your liking. The 3.5 mm input is complemented by USB, optical and coax to give you lots of flexible options without a lot of fuss. Another nice touch is the built-in AC power port that is designed for an Apple AirPort Express Base Station.

On the visual side of things, these speakers are certainly an attractive addition to your studio or home computer setup. Check out that nice cherry finish and add some class to your environment along with the exciting sound.

- Alanna Kahn

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