5.0 out of 5 stars There's a lot to like here!, September 27, 2012

I purchased these speakers as a gift for my wife who loves her iPod but doesn't have a good way to listen to it outside of headphones. I also purchased an Apple Airport Express wireless hub with the goal of wireless connectivity between her iPod and the Transparent One speakers.

Setup was simple. Following the quick start guide that shipped with the speakers I had a basic setup playing music via the 3.5 MM analog jack in about 5 minutes. I then setup the Airport Express and hooked it into the 3.5MM analog input (side note: I eventually replaced this with a Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK connection).

Firstly, I was amazed when everything played properly the first time! Secondly, I was struck by the quality of the sound coming from the speakers. I picked Adelle's "Someone Like You" (it was my wife's iPod, OK ?!), selected the proper interface over which to play (in this case, my AE Hub) and I got sound. Beautiful sound, clear, accurate with plenty of mid-bass (which was surprising to me given the size of the speakers) and a very dulcit quality. The amount of volume that the speakers are capable of producing was also surprising to me. It's not ear shattering but plenty of volume for the way I like to listen to music.

I then hooked up 4 more computers and 2 more iPods to the AE Hub. Now everyone can use the speakers wirelessly to stream with good quality audio and it has changed the way we listen to music. I am very pleased with the purchase..

- Reese F.
Essex Junction, VT

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