Transparent Zero RJ50 Interconnect Cable - 7.0M

7.0M (23 feet) RJ50 interconnect cable compatible with the Transparent Zero.

$28.00 / pair

This 7.0M (23 feet) RJ50 interconnect cable is a longer version of the 3M RJ50 cable that is provided with the Transparent Zero.  This is a single cable to be used with a pair of Transparent Zeros only.


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3 Year Limited Warranty

Your investment is protected with our 3 Year Limited Warranty. Because of the high quality of our products and the components and parts we utilize in the production of the Vanatoo Transparent Series Powered Home Stereo Speakers, we are pleased to be able to offer you one of the strongest warranties in the industry. Rest easy and know you'll be taken care of. 

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