What is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and how is it helpful?

There are a number of design parameters that are critical to the design of a good pair of speakers. One of the most critical parameters is how the speaker responds to every frequency of audio from its lowest frequency to its highest frequency. Put another way, you wouldn't want a set of speakers that played the mid-range frequencies three times as loud as the low and high frequencies. As such, most speaker developers strive to design their speakers to output a relative flat frequency response with no frequency greatly emphasized nor greatly diminished. This is where the DSP comes in. Since we "marry" the amplifier to the speakers we can we can use the DSP to adjust out any bad habits the woofer or the tweeter have native to their makeup. As such, Transparent One speakers are extremely flat over their frequency range (you can see this in the specifications section of the Transparent One product page).


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