Can I push music to your speakers wirelessly using AppleAirPlay®, Bluetooth®, or DLNA?

Yes, you can stream your music to our speakers using various wireless formats by connecting the appropriate wireless device (e.g. Apple Airport Express, AppleTV®, Bluetooth or DNLA device, etc) to the active speaker. Make sure the device has an analog, Coax, Optical Toslink, or USB audio output. If you are streaming music using from an iOS device or PC running iTunes, using Apple AirPlay® to an Apple Airport Express, the Airport Express can be plugged into our convenient AC Aux power outlet, and connected to the analog or optical input for higher quality sound.

We spent a good deal of time considering whether to imbed a specific wireless technology into our speakers, and instead chose to offer a speaker that works with all of these technologies. With wireless standards and technologies still evolving, we felt this was a more flexible approach that better protects your investment. Later, when you want to upgrade or switch your wireless capabilities, you won't need to replace an otherwise perfectly great set of speakers.


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